Friday, April 20, 2012

BH x Shop412 / Round 4

  Life and decisions are not easy, especially when it comes to the struggle of deciding to change another Brian Holderman mural.  With the common mentality of our staff and customers alike which is, "continuously improving", this project is exactly that.  We love everything the local Holderman touches, it seems that it all turns to gold.
  Unlike our previous projects, we thought a bit deeper when deciding upon this concept.  This time we decided to do hanging art pieces, the main reason was because we didn't want to put ourselves through the self inflicted misery of painting over another Holderman classic.  We brainstormed with Brian and really wanted to touch on the simplicity of old Americana.  A time when things were built to last, when the quality behind something meant your reputation in society, when you looked someone in the eye and a firm handshake meant everything.  All too often in the world today the most simplistic, perfect things are overlooked.  Back when 8 year olds didn't have an Iphone, when the only way to display signage for your hardware store was to paint on the side of your Victorian building, "WE SELL GOOD HARDWARE."  Simple and to the point, when you knew that it was someones craft and they stood behind their work or they wouldn't be in business. 
  This project stands for everything above and much more.  We feature many brands that are made in America, using techniques of the past handed down from generation to generation such as leather goods from Tanner Goods / Portland, OR and Red Wing boots from Red Wing, MN.  We hope you stop by and take a look at Brian's work, he is one of Pittsburgh's brightest artists.  Also a video done by Quanti Studios documents our last mural project "Niro The Destructor", to see the before and after progress.

Shop 412 x Brian Holderman Mural Collaboration from Quanti Studios on Vimeo.

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