Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Support Your Local Disc Jockey.

We at Shop.412 and DJ Nugget collaborated on an effort to show love to the other Dj's in the city who have been holding it down for a long, long time.  There are a total of 52 DJ's on the back and we printed a total of 72 shirts and have sold around 10 to normal customers; if you want to get your shirt with your name on it call me and I will put it on hold (412.586.7507).  We are also saving one shirt for our store that we want each DJ to sign so we can display it in our shop (make sure you bring that up when you come in to make sure we didn't forget!).

New 412 Colorways

We did a run of shirts for the Penguins Stanley Cup run, a dark greyish black with white and gold, and a red tee with white.  Every color way we choose is the first and last time it gets printed; if there is ever a reprint it will be a limited run numbered by each piece.  

Friday, May 22, 2009

New Product Shots - 22 May 2009 -

Like we have said before, if you are interested in anything you see photos of we can do phone orders and ship anywhere on planet earth.  Our number is 412.586.7507, this is an interim while our website is being refinished but it is essentially the same thing.  If you do not feel comfortable giving information over the phone, we also accept paypal.  

On with the product...new things we have just received in the last week.  Incase; great bags, laptop cases, duffle bags/luggage, messenger bags, iphone holders...you name it.  Nothing but GREAT quality from Incase and I would expect nothing less.

We received our Reason S/Su cut and sew and you will want to have these items in your closet.  Mid price point convertible sleeve button ups, limited to 62 shirts per color way in the United States.

Amongst Friends set a high bar as far as street mixed with preppy is concerned.  From gingham shorts to dry fit polos, this is a line that you are going to want to feel and try on.  

The Hundreds footwear has been trickling in as well,  attention to detail and a great pricepoint. 

SUPER Eyewear is still coming in limited shipments and we rarely get 2 of the same pair.  From flat tops to the classic fit to the crazy ciccio, these glasses are a conversation starter to say the least.  

Limited Edition Oakley Frogskins are perfect summer eyewear wether you are staying in the burgh or have a bunch of trips planned, super lightweight and great color ways.

King Stampede, in house brand of store Boundless NYC, is still throwing out great product at great prices, we are the only location in the city to carry KS.

Also local artists Collin Noonan and Nic Vincent decorate our walls, however everything is for sale so inquire within.  Collin paints oil on wood and this piece (motorcycle) was featured in the Warhol museum last year.  Nic has participated in galleries all over the U.S. and he is known for his rugged expressionist style using crazy mediums such as concrete, tar and as far as his own blood.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

412 White Out Penguins Tees

Limited run of Penguins white out shirts.  We are huuuuuuuge hockey fans and love our sports teams.  If you have a game ticket bring it WITH you to the store and you will receive 1/2 off (if you left it at home you better bust a U'ey lose a hubcap).  Get yours while they last....GO PENS.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Threads Fashion Show 2009

May 7th, 2009 we will be putting on a fashion show at Diesel Club Lounge...doors at 9, we go on a bit later in the night but have some drinks and check out our latest styles for S/Summer 09'

Friday, May 1, 2009

New Brands + New Items

From The Hundreds, to Gshocks and Baby G's; Gourmet Footwear to the rest of our New Balance spring order and Tsovet watches, we have everything you need for your Spring/Summer closet.