Wednesday, April 4, 2012

2012 Pens Playoff Tee

Back by popular demand! (A big thank you to our Pittsburgh Penguins for frequenting the post-season) take notes *cough *cough Pirates.  We wanted to shoot for humor this time around, and what more appropriate than a quote from one of the best players in the entire world; Evgeni Malkin.  His trouble with English is no secret and many, if not all of us love his post game interviews with Dan Potash.  This one is for you Geno, afterall, we'd pay to see ANY Pittsburgher try to speak Russian.  These are limited to 200 pieces and are designed for the playoff white out, get yours before they are gone!

Thank you to our loyal fans, these are officially SOLD OUT!


jason said...

When are these available? Can't find them on your site. Want one!

Shop412 said...

They are available in store or by phone order now on a first come first serve basis!