Friday, February 25, 2011

More New Nike Spring Releases...

Today we released an Air Royal Mid VT in brown leather, a grey Air Max 90 Classic and a grey canvas All Court. Come and check these out!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fragment Design x Nike Air Zoom All Court

"The All Court Low is a Hiroshi Fujiwara favorite; the designer has chosen it for his Nike collaboration projects on a number of occasions, including an All Court Low Premium and an All Court Low China edition which we covered last August (remember heat?). The beauty of the All Court is of course in the classic athletic simplicity, and in this latest project, Hiroshi has executed that concept with elegance, creating a collection of the All Court Low Premium in white, with primary color accents. To further simplify the aesthetic, the shoes feature no Swoosh or Nike branding; the are simply adorned with the fragment design logo. The collection also includes a white and black version, which is a China exclusive. This series is set for a February 5th release, and this is a Freshness exclusive – you saw it here first. Check out the images of the collection after the jump." -Freshness Mag
We are only releasing 36 pairs of these sneakers (12 of each colorway). If you want your size you better form a line outside of the door like you are waiting for an Xbox release.

Monday, February 14, 2011

DJ Bonics x Vitamin Thick "Kid@Heart" Tee

On Thursday, December 2, Brandon “DJ Bonics” Glova was rushed to a Pittsburgh hospital after experiencing extreme pain and discomfort in his shoulders and chest. Glova had returned home from a 60 city tour as the DJ for emerging hip hop MC Wiz Khalifa just two weeks prior, and despite being only 30 years old, he was having a heart attack.
“I had never experienced such a combination of pain and fear. They called it a heart attack; I call it a harsh reminder of how sweet life is,” Bonics recalled.
Since recovering from this life-threatening episode, Glova has created the Bonics Heart Beats Foundation, which will promote heart health and a healthy lifestyle specifically to adults under the age of 40.
To build some momentum for the Bonics Heart Beats Foundation and further the cause, Glova has enlisted vitaminTHICK, a street lifestyle fashion company out of Boston, to collaborate on a special edition t-shirt design. The concept for the shirt, entitled “Kid@Heart,” is inspired by the importance of remaining youthful in both thoughts and actions, advice by which Glova now lives.
“When we were younger, we would run around and play as if we were invincible,” said Glova. “Too often as adults our health becomes an excuse to not be active or live a healthy lifestyle, which is exactly what we are hoping to change. With the vitaminTHICK brand being dedicated to the spirit of childhood, and the company having ties to Pittsburgh as both of the owners are Carnegie Mellon grads, I felt that this partnership would be perfectly aligned.”
The shirt design features a proud kid clenching a lunchbox by his waist. His silhouette, which is filled with an image of the universe, represents the endless possibilities and dreams associated with youth. The character’s oversized glasses are a playful reference to Glova’s signature style.
Andrew Shedd, vitaminTHICK’s Creative Director, further elaborated on the project, “Fans and culture junkies alike often perceive talent like Bonics in a limited capacity in comparison to his true depth of character. Bonics' experience was a very human one, and the "Kid@Heart" concept captures that human element with a degree of warmth and sensitivity that really resonated with us. Responding proactively as he did with the intent to deliver a message that has such a genuine earnestness and positivity speaks to that depth of character in a way scarcely touted in mainstream media."
The proceeds from the sales of this shirt will be donated in their entirety to the Bonics Heart Beats Foundation, and more specifically to supporting community events this spring, which will promote heart heath awareness and an active lifestyle.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ike Taylor - Jim Rome Is Burning ESPN

A special thanks to Ike Taylor for representing our logo hoodie on ESPN's Jim Rome is Burning for a Superbowl 45 interview. It looks sharp in HD!