Wednesday, February 24, 2010

March CLAE releases; Black Rollins and Black Thompson



"The Thompson offers the unexpected yet harmonious juxtaposition of athletic-gone-casual. The clean forefoot silhouette is anchored by the athletic design at the heel and collar. Count on athletic cupsole construction with the added luxury of a leather interior to help you feel and look your best." CLAE

"The Rollins blows in with the crisp autumn air like an improvisational romp across the urban terrain. With a mixed medium upper of leather and heavy nylon accented with metal hardware details, Rollins’s roots lie in the trail/hiking tradition. And while it’s strong enough to weather the elements in the wild, the Rollins epitomizes a new harmony between rugged and refined. Luxe materials flipped in a vibrant colors palette delivers notes you haven’t heard in a long time." CLAE

Both shoes are similar but are both great, they retail at a very reasonable (in my opinion) $135.00USD. The Rollins has a bunch of added detail for the consumer who has attention to it. The Thompson is a little bit taller but doesn't have many lines on it and a cleaner face and toe area. Check them out!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Southside SOUP Contest!

We have our good friends at Cafe Davio/JP's pushing their Lobster Risotto Bisque. There are over 20 restaurants on the Southside teaming up with local retailers....this is absolutely delicious VOTE! are some photos!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Nike Footwear, Incase Collaborations and Staple 100 and 400% Bearbricks

We are extremely excited for our latest shipment from Nike which includes a Toki, Triax Structure, Blazer, Air Max 95, and a Hi Top Dunk. Also, extremely limited Incase collaborations (we received 3 of each item) for 15" Macbook sleeves and iPhone cases (Incase teamed up with Arkitip once again).  These Staple Bearbricks are amazing as well, come in and check everything out!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Staple Bearbrick 100% and 400% - Releasing 02.17.10

We are only receiving 5 of each of these...these aren't going to last long!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pro Keds - First Spring Releases Available

SPRING 2010 PRO-Keds from PK09 on Vimeo.

PRO-KEDS puts together the following video the showcase their 2010 spring collection. Following a wild chase around New York City, the new styles for the 2010 spring collection are exchanged through a number of hands.  The leather grey hi-top and red low are now available, with other releases arriving monthly.  We didn't get too many of these as usual so be sure to get your pair.  $100.00!

Friday, February 5, 2010

New 412 Tees....Again!

We just received these a few minutes ago, get your size while it lasts!

Founder of Evil Monito; Rickey Kim - Portraits of the Process

I know we learn from new experiences everyday, our good friend Rickey Kim (founder of Evil Monito Magazine/Blog) brings us inside the world from the drawing board to a final product and everywhere in between. We will be throwing up new videos as he sends them to us. We urge you to check out

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Huge Shout to Our Friend/DJ Mentor - DJ Neil Armstrong

From the 5th Platoon, to having the job as being Jay Z's DJ...rocking crowds to the tens of thousdands with the Roc Boys and other amazing talent (Mary J, Kanye, John Mayer to name a few) now featured in an Adidas ad campaign with David Beckham and Snoop d o double, power moves is an understatement. Word Neil!