Thursday, November 5, 2009

Shop.412 Welcomes Eskuche Headphones

A brand making a lot of noise as of late has successfully created a quality vintage 60's style headphone mixed with a sheek urban industrial edge. The best part (especially if you are a DJ) is...the sound is not compromised. This brand is called Eskuche. This was formed by a cultured initiative of inspired people who were influenced by music, art, fashion, and design. Inspiration is drawn from industrial design, then combined with modern components. Achieving the perfect designed look they were going for while still holding amazing sound quality. My personal favorite part about these is the components it comes with. A typical headphone or iPhone hookup, a 1/4" jack for DJ'ing..AND the cord for your iPhone where you can talk into the cord with your headphones on (which is retailing at the Apple store for 35$ alone!). These will be in the ballpark of $60.00. We are only getting a handful of these things for holiday so check the blog to see what day these show up.

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