Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Items- 412 Hoodies, No Mas x Shop.412 tee collab, Eskuche Headphones, Incase and more

The hoodies are FINALLY complete, they are very warm and it is a must try on.
We are also very excited to have released our first collaborative effort with another brand, No Mas from New York. They are a sports inspired streetwear brand and it meshes perfectly with our store and Pittsburgh. (mainly because they reach out to representing Pittsburgh, if you look at the one photo you will see why). We reached back to a vintage 1970's Steelers tee that Chris from No Mas found on ebay, and we re-created it..."Black and Gold, Beautiful and Awesome".
We also received a shipment from Incase, great backpacks, Iphone cases and computer sleeves. The post below this describes the Eskuche headphones, for the price, the quality is out of this world. Come in and check everything out! Also check out one of our customers sons, he happens to love Stussy beanies.


Cameron said...

Do you have have any iPhone cases with the 412 logo on it? ...if not can i have a sticker to put on their?

Shop.412 said...

We have a few stickers left, we have more being printed soon however.