Friday, October 7, 2011

We Would Like To Welcome Scotch & Soda (Amsterdam)

Short Leather Bomber Jacket - $460

Big Checkered Shirts w/ Suspenders - $112

Padded Shirt Jacket - $210

  We just released our first order and Fall delivery 1 of one of our personal favorite brands Scotch & Soda from Amsterdam.  Here is the whole story behind them, get your glasses out!

About Scotch & Soda

The Scotch & Soda company history officially starts back in the 80’s, when a new menswear label with a good dose of fresh attitude is launched. However, the Amsterdam based fashion company Scotch & Soda, as we know it today, originates in a brave new start in 2001 when three new owners took the wheel.
Eric Bijlsma, Joep Krouwels and Patrick Munsters crossed swords, joining all their experience and shared love for making great clothes. They followed their instincts, and started tackling selling points outside their hometown, such as Italy, France and Spain. Scotch & Soda started to grow and hasn’t stopped growing since. Straight from the heart and against the grain, Scotch & Soda’s success story became an urban fashion legend.
At Scotch & Soda, creativity is king. It’s about the clothes and nothing but the clothes. The designers at Scotch spare no effort or expense at detailing and fine-tuning samples, all the way to the neatly finished interior of each garment. They get to take their time; Scotch & Soda has stuck with two collections a year and won’t be pressed to speed up their elaborate production rituals. Advertising is virtually non existant, “People who feel confident about themselves, don’t need logos to show the world what they’re about. All branding does really, is take away people’s individuality.” Instead, Scotch & Soda chooses to invest in the product, which is typically informed by the best tried and tested classic and vintage styles, enriched with a wealth of inspiration from around the world, and infused with the love of a true collector.
After Scotch & Soda was re-launched for Spring Summer 2002, Scotch Shrunk was added for Spring Summer 2008. Literally shrinking men’s styles to little brother or son sizes was a completely new take on kids wear, and Shrunk made waves no-one at Scotch had even dared dream of. Another move was conceivable at this point: into women’s. Long time Scotch & Soda head-designer Marieke Meulendijks had already set her mind to having her own sophisticated women’s label, and by partnering up with the three men heading Scotch, she could have it in the most ideal way. Maison Scotch entered the market with the Spring Summer 2010 collection and it already accounts for a large part of the company’s continuous growth. To complete this tale, little sister R’Belle showed up for Spring Summer 2011 and Scotch’s youngest and most ambitious project Amsterdams Blauw hit the stores in December 2010; a compact high profile denim collection that could only come from the Scotch kitchen. And that kitchen is still located in the heart of Amsterdam, a city that has a long and notorious tradition at railing in the best of goods and ideas that can be found in the world, to make them their inimitable own. Last but by no means least there's Barfly: Scotch & Soda’s debut into the world of fragrance. This intense but simple scent is Scotch & Soda’s latest venture in their quest to expanding their growing empire.
Apart from the countless multi-brand stores carrying Scotch & Soda lines all over the world, the company started opening its own stores in 2007, in order to create a few perfect environments for their complete collections in all the big fashion cities. At the brink of 2011, there are 11 Scotch stores in the Netherlands, an additional 19 stores in the rest of the world, and of course, a fully up to date online presence with integrated webstore, blog and social media. Scotch & Soda is classic in many ways, but young and fast forward when it comes to bringing great clothes onto the market place.

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