Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shop412 & Brian Holderman Present - NIRO The Destructor

It is that time for another mural. We want to change this mural every year to 18 months and we are right on schedule with that. We loved our old mural (the Noonan/Holderman) collaboration but the world is spinning, and change is good. This year local artist Brian Holderman is at it again, stop by the store on Friday December 3rd between 7-11pm to check out the unveiling of the mural. We will also be selling 50 mini paint cans with a collaboration t-shirt inside which will allow you to bring home a piece of the mural with you. These cans will be all signed by Holderman and numbered 1-50. They will be 58.00 and available the night of the event.

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