Thursday, October 28, 2010

PENN Surplus - Vintage MIL-C-440486G Jacket Release "Charlie"

PENN Surplus is a vintage brand that is finding one of a kind pieces and bringing them back to life. Every piece is hand made separately, locally conceived and created in New York and Pittsburgh. There is no outsourcing to other countries, every piece of fabric and stitching is handled in the United States. Items are found sporadically...if you aren't that size, you are out of luck. Rest assured, you will be the only person with an exact creation. In this case it is a well worn vintage jacket (MIL-C-440486G) with blue oxford cotton accents on the cuffs and inner lining of the jacket and a woven collar with a button added to the top. To top it off the buttons were removed and a heavy duty industrial metal zipper was added. Come in and check this out, this happens to be a Medium/Large depending on your preference of fit.

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