Wednesday, February 24, 2010

March CLAE releases; Black Rollins and Black Thompson



"The Thompson offers the unexpected yet harmonious juxtaposition of athletic-gone-casual. The clean forefoot silhouette is anchored by the athletic design at the heel and collar. Count on athletic cupsole construction with the added luxury of a leather interior to help you feel and look your best." CLAE

"The Rollins blows in with the crisp autumn air like an improvisational romp across the urban terrain. With a mixed medium upper of leather and heavy nylon accented with metal hardware details, Rollins’s roots lie in the trail/hiking tradition. And while it’s strong enough to weather the elements in the wild, the Rollins epitomizes a new harmony between rugged and refined. Luxe materials flipped in a vibrant colors palette delivers notes you haven’t heard in a long time." CLAE

Both shoes are similar but are both great, they retail at a very reasonable (in my opinion) $135.00USD. The Rollins has a bunch of added detail for the consumer who has attention to it. The Thompson is a little bit taller but doesn't have many lines on it and a cleaner face and toe area. Check them out!


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