Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Hundreds, 3Sixteen, Penfield, Huffer (New Zealand), Generra (Sweaters) Releases...Available Now

We have had some of this stuff for the last week or so but we have been so swamped we haven't been able to get some down time to get some photos up.
The Hundreds graphic tees, scarves, knit gloves and beanies are now available. Great sweaters/button ups/jackets from 3Sixteen (which never disappoints). Our Penfield came in and before we could take photos it is pretty much sold through! (Sorry!). A new brand Huffer is now available in the store from the other side of the world; New Zealand. Great pricepoint items with a look of its own. Rocksmith Tokyo is another new account that we recently received, there are some items that you should come and try on soon!
We will post more as items continue to arrive. Being that we are a "specialty store" we are not worried about slamming all of these goods out of the door by December 24th and we have new stuff arriving every single week of the year, there is no down time with and unique all of the time. Also an ending note, our Nike shipments start January 1, 2010.

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