Tuesday, September 15, 2009

STPL Fall, Scarves and One LIMITED Pair of STAPLE Pigeons

We are super excited to have received our much awaited first arrival of STPL (The higher end cut and sew brand of Staple, New York).  The quality speaks for itself and you will want to try these 3 pieces on...and we don't have many of each.  
Big thanks to Do from Staple for getting us a pair of these extremely limited New Balance 575's.  The infamous "Staple Pigeon"  We only have one pair in a size 9.5 and we are still unsure if we are going to sell them or not.  
Mountain Dew is now releasing another series of Mountain Dew Artist Designed bottles as well, this season features the first ever female artist featured.  We also have an awesome pricepoint scarf marked at $36.00, which feels exactly like cashmere.  That's all from us for now, more arrivals showing up multiple times a week until Christmas.

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