Wednesday, May 20, 2009

412 White Out Penguins Tees

Limited run of Penguins white out shirts.  We are huuuuuuuge hockey fans and love our sports teams.  If you have a game ticket bring it WITH you to the store and you will receive 1/2 off (if you left it at home you better bust a U'ey lose a hubcap).  Get yours while they last....GO PENS.


Lilly said...

went to hafbrauhaus in southside to watch the finals in an atmosphere known to be filled with pure excitement and saw a group of people wearing "scratch my back..." t-shirts. and I KNEW I HAD TO GET ONE. not so much of what it says (mebe a little) but more of the format of the font on the back (and lower left corner). I went straight to 412 and got one of the last of 3 shirts (!) = greatest investment of this summer yet. love the store. great owners, those entrepreneurs

Shop.412 said...

Thank you so much, that means A LOT to us! Sorry for the late reply, I never know how to check comments!!